In Transition – Vivid

“In Transition” is an installation referring to our ever changing surrounding.
A light element moves back and forth in space. It projects two color light fields which creates a border line. This is the line that the object constantly scans while moving. All differences on this line will influence the color of the light and the sound.
Because of the movement of the light, the surrounding is constantly placed in a different perspective. Shadows of objects and people stretch and get shorter again. One moment you stand in a blue surrounding and a moment later it’s all red. Sound comes towards you and moves away.
When the object flies over you, you will influence the light color and the audio, this will make the transition even more visible and it will create a playful result. When the two objects move towards each other the color fields overlap and colors blend. The area will be constantly in transition.

The best way to understand the installation is to compare it with a music box, where the position ad amount of dots influence the output.


Light and audio arise. The light comes closer and brightens. The sound and color tones react to what’s present at border between the two color fields. You hear the changes and see the transitions. The light moves over and the shadows stretch.


A steel cable forms the basis of the track. A trolley moves back and forth over the cable. The trolley is moved by a DC motor. Two RGB flood lights under the trolley shine in both directions of the path. Sensors scan the path at the edge of the color transition. The data is translated in transitions of light and sound.