Proposal for Luftmuseum


We have an explorative approach. For the exhibition we propose to display how we play with the invisible medium of air. On this page we show the different fascination we would like to share with the public in different installations.

Wade in Air

As we move in space, we move in air. With this passive setup we want to make this vissible. It shows the slow flow air moves around us, like water when wading in the sea.

Thin Foil is suspended in the air. Laser lines hit it under an angle. Their reflections hit the opposite wall.

Moving air hits the foil. The foil wrinkles. The angles of the laser lines change. On the wall, the reflected lines create waves.

Air roller balloon

Balloons manoeuvre on a constant rolling wave of air. Sequentially programmed fans control the movements of the balloons. The result is an autonomously playing system of movement.

The result is a choreographic play of balloons. It expresses the fun we have with shaping air.


Pushing the limits. Here we’re working with auto-balancing rotor-mechanisms. Using two cables, they are connected to constant power. They want to move up and up constantly. Like a goat on a leash, they constantly try to get further. As a result, air is pushed down on the pillow constantly.

Moti light

Moti Tall light. The Moti lamp blows up to a radiant sphere, reflecting the atmosphere through its movement. When it’s quiet and peaceful, Moti moves around slowly. A more active setting results in a more expressive behavior. A sudden noise makes Moti shiver.

To give an impression of how we at Toer play with air, we would like to display Moti. In this design we use the delay of air movement to make the surface of Moti wobble and mimic a shiver.