Social Sparkles

Fireflies follow you through the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. For this year’s edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival we designed ‘Social Sparkles’.

Under a big tree on a little square a cloud of 100 elements wait calmly. When you enter the square they live up. the elements get in motion. A swarm of lights fills the air above you. This invites you to move too. It creates a lively interaction between you, the light, and others.

From The project Social Sparkles is reminiscent of an outdoor party. On this beautiful little square in the famous Hortus Botanicus you stand and walk under various elements hanging there and somehow resembling the streamers characteristic of every Dutch birthday party. And this interactive work is festive indeed, because, wherever we stop, a light starts to sparkle above us. The elements react to our presence and – as at a birthday party – it doesn’t end there. The lighted elements start moving and before you know it they touch others.The ice has been broken, the first contact is made. Will we, social animals that we are, follow their lead and get in touch just as enthusiastically with other visitors?