Fascination driven

Toer likes to get space to play. They follow their fascination to create lively interventions. Through their explorative process they discover and find starting points for new projects.

They work in various domains of applied arts like light objects and installations, interactive experiences and innovative products.

Toer gained global attention for projects like Cumulus (an autonomous parasols that inflates to a cloudlike shape using solar energy), Fiet (a kinetic light sculpture that reacts to its environment) and Shaped by Time (a clock that shapes itself by the passage of time).

Toer is the creative studio of Castor Bours (1984) and Wouter Widdershoven (1986). It is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Castor and Wouter have been working together on explorative design projects since 2007.

Castor has a background in arts and design (Design Academy Eindhoven). Wouter has a background in interaction design (Industrial Design TU/e).

Social Sparkles

Misty Lanterns

Cumulus for Mudam

Boom Boom


Diepenheim Contrast


Spice Winds for VIVID Sydney

Fuji Vase for Serax

Swing Lights

Light for Usine

Rising Light

Shaped By Time

Mysteryland Lanterns

Cumulus Parasol

Loops Clock

Bronco Lamp


Fan Dance

Field Hammock

Beam fixture