Fascination driven

All Toer’s creations start with the freedom of play.

Toer is a multidisciplinary design studio from the Netherlands, founded in 2011 by Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven.

Characterized by strong exploratory and experimental approach, Studio Toer pushes both the technical and aesthetic limits of design across a wide range of applied arts. From light installations and objects, to interactive experiences and innovative products.

Studio Toer has received worldwide attention for projects such as “Cumulus”, an autonomous parasol that inflates into a cloud-like shape with solar energy. “Fiet”, a kinetic light sculpture that reacts to changes in its environment, and “Shaped by Time”, a clock that forms itself over time.

Toer’s interactive installations have been presented at countless international festivals and can be enjoyed worldwide.


Exhibitions and/or highlights
2023 Various, Caprera Licht Festival Bloemendaal
2023 Firefly Field, Lilu Light Festival Lucerne
2023 Various, Vinterlys Festival Denmark
2022 Social Sparkles, Diriyah
2022 Fish are Jumping, Diriyah
2022 Firefly Field, TSB Festival of Lights New Zealand
2022 Firefly Field, Lumières La Villette Paris
2022 Firefly Field, Lights On Bucharest
2022 Firefly Field, Fête des Lumières Lyon
2022 Fireflies, Amsterdam Light Festival
2022 Bridge of a 1000 Dreams, Amsterdam Light Festival
2022 Fish are jumping, Glow Eindhoven
2022 Firefly Field, Akiu Night Museum
2022 Firefly Field, Lanterna Magica Brussel
2022 Floating on Air, kazerne Eindhoven
2022 Firefly Field, Light on Assen
2022 Firefly Field, Untold Romania
2022 Bouncing Ideas, Illuminate Adelaide
2022 Firefly Field, I-Light Singapore
2022 Bloom, VIVID Sydney
2021 Firefly Field, Bucharest Romania
2021 Social Sparkles, Bucharest Romania
2021 Floating on Air, Cultuur Haven Veghel
2021 Firefly Field, Cluj Romania
2021 Firefly Field, SNFCC Athens
2021 Bouncing Ideas,Glow Eindhoven
2021 Firefly Field, Glow Eindhoven
2021 Firefly Field, Bright Brussels
2021 Firefly Field, Akiu Japan
2021 Flock of Light 31, Moooi
2021 Firefly Field, Illuminate Adelaide
2021 Firefly Field, Mount Gambier
2021 Firefly Field, Wuhan China
2021 Social Sparkles, Wuhan China
2020 Social Sparkles, Cluj Romania
2020 Firefly Field, Shanghai, China
2020 Expression, Glow Eindhoven
2020 Flock of Light, Moooi
2020 firefly field, akiu night museum, japan
2020 Highs and Lows, acquired by Luft Museum Amberg

2020 Shaped by Time, Cube Design Museum
2020 Firefly Field, Faroe Islands
2020 Firefly Field, Toronto Light Festival
2019 Aura, acquired by Mezz Breda
2019 Flock of Light, acquired by Aan de Slinger Houten Theatre
2019 Firefly Field, IFC Shanghai, China
2019 Firefly Field, Al-Diriyah
2019 Firefly Field, Akiu Night Museum, Japan
2019 Firefly Field, Gwangju Media Art Festival, South-Korea
2019 Social Sparkles, Alberobello, Italy
2019 Boom Boom, Storioni Festival
2019 Firefly Field, VIVID Sydney
2018 Social Sparkles, Lichtfestival Knokke-Heist
2018 Social Sparkles, Georgetown Glow
2018 In Transition, Glow Eindhoven
2018 DDW Stationswijzer, Dutch Railways
2018 School of Lights, Dutch Design Week
2018 Boom Boom, Akiu Night Museum, Japan
2018 Scenery Track, ITGWO, Vlieland
2018 Social Sparkles, Grounds For Sculpture NJ
2018 Boom Boom, Loeren bij de Boeren
2018 Social Sparkles, Baltimore Light City
2017 Social Sparkles, Wuhan Design Biennale
2017 Your Light on Light Glow Eindhoven
2017 DDW Light at City Hall Eindhoven
2017 Solar Design Public Award
2017 Social Sparkles at Light Move Festival Lodz
2017 Fiet at Forte Festival
2017 Foederer Talent Awards Runner-up
2017 Social Sparkles at Lux Wellington
2017 Boom Boom in Bologna
2017 Social Sparkles in Singapore
2017 Social Sparkles in Toronto
2016 Kunstblok, Who Cares BKKC Tilburg
2016 Sparkles for Emma
2016 Misty Lanterns for Misteryland
2016 Moti, Triennale di Milano
2016 Spice Winds, VIVID Sydney
2016 Fiet, Oddstream, Nijmegen
2016 Kunstblok, Artist in residence, Eindhoven
2015 Social Sparkles, Light Festival, Amsterdam

2015 Moti, Museum aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht
2015 Boom Boom, Manana Manana, Hummelo
2015 Cumulus, acquired by MUDAM Museum, Luxembourg
2015 Various, Museum Night, Leiden
2015 Moving Design, Ventura Lambrate, Milano
2015 Moti, Heimtextil, Frankfurt
2015 Moti, LED Expo, Den Bosch
2014 Usine Light, Usine, Eindhoven
2014 Moti, Design Festival, Seoul
2014 Kunstmoment Diepenheim
2014 Various, Dutch Design Week
2014 Dutchinese, Nanjing
2014 Boom Boom, ITGWO, Vlieland
2014 Cumulus, Pop-up, Milano
2014 Fiet, LED Expo, Utrecht
2014 Fiet, Breda
2014 Fiet, Canary Wharf, London
2013 Amsterdam Light Festival
2013 Various, DDW, Eindhoven
2013 Fiet, Discovery Festival, Amsterdam
2013 Fiet, New messages from NL, Seoul
2013 O’Cloc Beijing
2013 Shaped by Time, O’Clock, Beijing
2013 Various, Ambiente Talents, Frankfurt
2013 Fiet, Kinetica Art Fair, London
2012 Spring, Tuttobene, Milan
2011 Loef, Brains Awards Finalists, Eindhoven
2010 Loef, DDW, Eindhoven
2009 Various, DDW Ground, Eindhoven

Workshops and Presentations

2020 LUCI Lyon Light Festival Forum
2017 Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, Kunstbende
2016 MUDAM Luxembourg, moving design
2015 Moving Design Workshop and Lecture, University of Arts, Nanjing
2014 Moving Design Lecture, Design School, Seoul
2013 Osososma workshops Fan Dance, Amsterdam
2012 Leve de Zon, workshop at ITGWO Vlieland
2010 Winkel van de Toekomst Woonbeurs, Amsterdam