Picture a meadow just as winter surrenders to spring. Tiny buds blossom in the sun and sway in the breeze. Whether natives or exotics, they never fail to delight.

Now imagine this field blooming with light.

Lines of light lay flat in the grass in a circular pattern. By tension, the lines curve up in a bow of light. The bow emerges from the field, and its light spreads over the grass. The projected light creates the shape of giant blooming flowers that seem to furl and unfurl.

Spread over the grass field, the flower’s opening and closing movements create a constant dynamic, referring to the ongoing bloom of flora in the botanical garden.

Each Bloom flower installation comprises six LED strips radiating from a central point. The strips arch in kinetic curves that splay petals of light onto the grass. As they simulate the process of budding, this constant dynamic mirrors the ongoing bloom of flora throughout our landscapes.

Bloom premiered at VIVID Sydney in 2022.

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