A light object that puts itself in the dark when it tries to express.

We collaborated with the Municipality of Eindhoven on a lively work of art: ‘Expression’. It reflects the situation in which we find ourselves today.

Today’s choreography of keeping distance and wanting to be close is the starting point for this installation. The pain this causes is reflected in the bursting desire for real contact. Extinguished by the cold glass wall that prevents that. Illuminating hopefully with every new tireless attempt to break through today. Expression is an installation full of contradictions.

The installation feverishly seeks out space within the limits of what is still possible. Continuously moving but not able to handle it. Glas stands between the viewer and his own twisted reflection. It echoes today’s compelling distance and threatening alienation.

Normally dark Eindhoven offers a canvas to celebrate life. Today life often takes place in small enclosed spaces. With this installation we put emphasis on today’s boundaries.