Fields of Diriyah

The Firefly Field installation is presented at the Seasons festival in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Al Diriyah is an old city in Saudi Arabia and declared as an UNESCO World Heretage Site. The fireflies are hoovering over the field that are surrounding the old City.

This project was realized in collaboration with Designlab Experience

About Designlab Experience:

The Dubai-based design house, designlab experience, produces bespoke immersive environments which are boldly envisioned and precisely architected. Each design journey leads to artistically-impacting and captivating experiences.

From its beginning in 2006, the studio has continued to evolve through the years, constantly seeking new horizons. As a company impassioned by design without limits, designlab experience is now at the cutting edge, leading the way in event design.

Working closely with many world-renowned artists and designers, the team creates a collaborative approach to the projects and creations it takes on.

VIVID Sydney
The Firefly Field installation was first presented at the VIVID light festival in Sydney. Please click here for more information.