Fiet @ Groninger Museum

Fiet is an interactive object that explores the power of movement.

Fiet is a large and airy object. It explores how physical movement can be used a means of communication on the edge of physical and digital.

It is an exploration of movement as a form of expression. With a sudden noise, Fiet gets stressed; when it ’s quiet and peaceful it will move in a comfortable manner. It’s like a living organism that interacts with its environment.

It gives life to a lifeless space. It shows the power of movement. Movement allows you to communicate on an emotional level. Fiet can be calm, but also angry, stressed and cheerful. It is an exploration of movement as a form of expression. It is a more natural way of tech/human interaction.

Fiet is part of the Children’s Biennale 2024: A Better Place. It’s on display at the Groninger Museum from March-August 2024.

A Better place
The popular Children’s Biennale invites kids and adults to get hands-on with art. Expect room-filling installations you can react to or help to build. Artists from the Netherlands and abroad, including Florentijn Hofman, Hedy Tjin and Wang Ruobing, will present work that will get visitors thinking about a better world. This time round the museum is again working with young ambassadors. Follow their activities at @groningermuseumyoung and #kinderbiennalegm

Every artwork in the Children’s Biennale will invite interaction, participation and creation. Through doing, discovering, making and looking, visitors will actively engage with art in a variety of ways.

The Dutch artists who will present their works are Carolien Adriaansche, Sanne Boekel, Florentijn Hofman, Jelle Mastenbroek, Florien Riezebos, Hedy Tjin, Studio Toer and Stefan Venbroek. Installations by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan from the Philippines and Wang Ruobing from Singapore can also be admired in the museum.