Fish are Jumping

Splash. You look. Too late. Nope. There it goes.

Splash. YES!! I saw it.

It starts with sound. The surface of the water breaks. Light jumps up. The light shines and doubles in the reflection. The light descends quickly. Splash again. Then darkness. Black. A slow ripple appears on the water. It is a play of light and dark, of quick and slow, of sound and silence. “Fish are Jumping” is an interpretation of fish that sometimes catch our attention by jumping above the water.

An ode to the little simple surprises in life.

Fish are Jumping has been exhibited in different environments. Here is a selection:

Fish are Jumping @ LILU Luzern


Fish are Jumping @ Diriyah


Fish are Jumping @ Vinterlys Festival Denmark


Fish are Jumping @ Glow Eindhoven