Floating on Air

Floating on Air is a representation of freedom in all its meanings.

For Studio Toer, it is following your own path, a dance, explorations, and discoveries.

Floating on Air is a mobile hanging in perfect balance. It seems to defy gravity while suspended for a moment. Then, it starts to move. The mobile comes alive through the rotation of its blades on each arm. The gentle motion of the wing uses the inertia of displaced air to propel itself and the arm around. It is this motion that sets off a domino effect and encourages the other arms to join the weightless dance seeking perfect balance. The soft fluttering of the wings and the delicate structure of the arms creates a dynamic and ethereal scene that unfolds in the air.

When looking at Floating on Air, one sees the tradition of Alexander Calder in a contemporary manner. The mobile is an ode to Calder’s ingenuity and his ability to turn nature’s law upside down. Studio Toer’s floating sculpture is autonomous, like Calder’s work. Regardless of the forces that act on it, Floating on Air shows singular movements every time.