Flock of Light – Moooi

We took inspiration from a transient moment when a swarm of fireflies drifts. Inspired by nature and the way these little creatures move, we combined our knowledge of technology and ignited an idea. Together, we continued developing this concept that, with the freedom of play, became the Flock of Light

About Flock of Light

Flock of Light transforms from a light and airy artistic design piece during daytime to a swarm of bright lights at night. Flock of Light comes in three sizes: 11, 21 and 31 after the number of light sources. Both sizes are made from brass cups, bronze wires and semi-transparent polycarbonate diffusers. This suspension lamp brings a bright, warm and poetic glow right after dark. A Flock of Light captured in stillness.

About Moooi

For almost twenty years, Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs. The venture, founded in 2001, is currently led by Marcel Wanders and Robin Bevers. Moooi is named after the Dutch word for beautiful – the third ‘o’ in the brand name stands for extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness. Moooi doesn’t tell designers what to do but listens to what designers want to make, and tries to accomplish their dreams. Eclectic and always on the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest. To trigger, to create conversation pieces which make your environment more special, a life extraordinary.


More information about the first light art installation inspired on fireflies: firefly field

More information about the first permanent light installation: flock of light at Houten Theatre