In Transition

“In Transition” is a playful exploration of autonomous objects in our public space

In this installation objects autonomously move back and forth in space. They scan their surroundings and reflect their findings through light and sound. They measure the height of the surface underneath them and play their track like a human-scale music box, influenced by every sensed difference in height. When standing underneath, you will suddenly be part of a live created composition.

Once you understand what happens, you can start to play and influence the composition purposefully. Because the objects move by themselves, you can influence the composition by standing in line with others. Together you create a moving composition.

The moving objects also create a constantly changing light perspective. Shadows of objects and people stretch and get shorter again. One moment you stand in a blue surrounding and a moment later it’s all red. Also the sound comes towards you and moves away. The world around you constantly changes and you are part of it.

Part of Glow Eindhoven 2018

Picture by Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie