Postable Table

Studio Toer presents Postable the table that fits in your mailbox.

Changes in customer-behavior and the online evolution of the retail industry were the motives to focus on the distribution aspect of new design. Toer explored the boundaries of logistics.

People furnish their living space. They used to gather their products locally. Later, they selected them locally and ordered online. Today people seem to be able to select their future possessions purely via the internet.

By inquiring and acquiring online, no customer-salesmen interaction is taking place any more. By delivering products in your mailbox there is no need to stay home to receive it . All human interaction in gathering furniture is unnecessary in the design of the Postable.

Postable is a stainless steel table design. It is a modular system. Each element fits within the outer dimensions of regular mail. A full-size dinner-table can easily be assembled from the content of one envelop.

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toer - postable set - MED

toer - postable large bottom - MED

toer - postable large unpacked - MED