Social Sparkles

Fireflies follow you: ‘Social Sparkles’.

The suspended elements await calmly in the dark. As you enter the area, they come alive. A swarm of lights get in motion and fills the air above you. Their movements invite you to move, too. As others pass by, the lights you lead will encounter their lights and merge into each other. As you leave the area, their trail fades away. It creates a dynamic interaction between you, the lights, and others around you.

Social Sparkles is an interactive installation, placed in suspension a few meters height, that turns on and follows movement when people pass by.

Social Sparkles premiered in Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam for Amsterdam Light Festival.

Social Sparkles has been exhibited in different environments. Here is a selection:

Social Sparkles at Grounds for Sculpture


Social Sparkles at Light City Baltimore


Social Sparkles at Wuhan Design Biennale


Social Sparkles @ Toronto Light Festival